Barbara Litwin has brought whimsy to Hanukkah. In 2014, the Newton resident began what she calls a “side hustle,” selling Judaica with a punchline. Her first foray into e-commerce was in 2014 when she acquired paper bathroom towels embossed with “Let My People Go.” The double entendre is Moses’ booming demand to Pharoah and a hope and a prayer for matzah not to stop anyone up. And it’s funny.

By 2018, business was booming. Litwin was curating unique, humorous and artful Judaica. It was also the year Whoopi Goldberg came knocking on Litwin’s door to feature her products on “The View.” Sales went through the roof, and she could barely keep up with orders.

Things have settled down, and Litwin continues to show her quirky, delightful Judaica, some of which display gag lines that bring a smile to faces. My favorite is a sign that muses: “Sometimes I wonder what happens to people who ask me for directions.” So true! Ah, you know me well, Barbara.

To that end, Litwin does not worry that Hanukkah huffs and puffs to keep up with Christmas in the gift department. She has that covered with napkins that say things like “I love you a LATKE,” and menorahs for every taste and interest (pickleball anyone?) and, as her business name promises, sense and humor.

Experience Litwin’s humor and Jewish sensibility on her online shop, Sense and Humor, and set aside time to be continuously delighted!