Why cook with options like these? Let’s get into it!


(Courtesy: Mamaleh’s)

Crowd deli favorite Mamaleh’s, with various locations, has seder kits, gefilte fish by the pound, chopped liver, whitefish salad and tons of sweets, ranging from flourless chocolate cake or passion cheesecake for up to eight people, and bags of matzo toffee and macarons, available for convenient pickups. They have lots of merch, too! 

Inna’s Kitchen

(Courtesy: Inna’s Kitchen)

Inna’s Kitchen in Newton stocks a big inventory of kosher, plant-based frozen staples, from latkes to matzo balls. It will also be open for takeout during Passover week, Thursday, Friday and Sunday. Need catering? Depending on inventory, order stuffed peppers, roasted vegetables, eggplant chopped “liver” and other vegetarian delights through April 16.

The Butcherie

Kids’ menu at The Butcherie (Courtesy: The Butcherie)

Always reliable, The Butcherie in Brookline sells plenty of kosher for Passover specialties through April 21: brisket, gefilte fish, an assortment of blintzes, matzo and lots more. 

Larry Levine’s Meats & Deli

(Courtesy: Larry Levine’s)

On the North Shore, at Larry Levine’s in Peabody, find a vast array of kosher to-go groceries, from tzimmes to kugel. Order fully catered, kosher dinners from $35.95 per person.

Zayde’s Market

(Courtesy: Zayde’s Market)

The South Shore is covered with Zayde’s Market in Canton, which offers a seemingly endless kosher medley of Passover treats for takeout and delivery. Order by April 16.

Inn at Hastings Park

(Courtesy: Inn at Hastings Park)

Not into cooking? The regal Inn at Hastings Park in Lexington serves Passover dinner specials from April 24-27: matzo ball soup, gefilte fish, Manischewitz-glazed brisket and even a sophisticated matzo tiramisu, from 5 p.m. 

New England Soup Factory

(Courtesy: New England Soup Factory)

New England Soup Factory rolls out a big spread for Passover: Pre-order a veritable feast for pickup on April 22 or April 23 at its Newton headquarters, with so many options: sweet-and-sour cabbage and dill soup, salads aplenty, eggplant spread, several preparations of chicken and an array of sides. 

Michael’s Deli

(Courtesy: Michael’s Deli)

In Brookline, Michael’s Deli is always a crowd-pleaser, with all the classics: latkes, chopped liver, charoset, brisket and lots more. Place your requests by April 17. Bonus: Free delivery to Brookline, Needham, Newton and Wellesley for orders over $125.

Clover Food Lab

(Courtesy: Clover Food Lab)

And last but definitely not least, Clover offers enormous kosher for Passover meal kits, available for delivery on April 22: a delectable Romesco dip, chopped liver, hardboiled eggs, a Brussels sprout-cheddar casserole, mushroom pâté, borscht, apple mousse and tons more. The menu feeds a crowd.