When you are bound for being a student too long, of course there is a part of you that don’t have that enough plan on what to do once you step out right after the graduation. Well, graduation tends to be a sign of a new chapter that every student should try to face just like the saying “Life after School: Reality Awaits”. Simply means that all the possible training are being done once you are inside the school to help you be prepared on how you are going to face the reality that life after school will not be that easy at all.

You may realize in the end that you happened to spend half of your life studying and waited for the moment to graduate. Every student are dreaming for that one special event that simply happens once in your life. Just the thought of “Graduation” does happened to be exciting and frustrating feeling sometimes. So you have studied for years and when the time that you have been waiting for come, you will ask yourself “what now?” or “what will happen next?”. This is certainly the common question that comes to every student have in mind. Seriously, this can also be the hardest question and does really need to find the answer.

So, when you are that determined to make some changes on how you will take your life in a better way. Along the way, you will then realize that no matter what you must think of road that will lead you on something that you really want the most and that will surely make you happy and satisfied.

In this world there are simply two roads that everyone should choose the most. Especially for student, it is a must that they have to think very well on how they are going to deal with it and endure the challenges ahead of them.


The Road to Failure

– once you graduated doesn’t make an assurance that you will have a successful life ahead of you. Realistically speaking, some leads to a failure road even if they don’t intend to be in that situation. Failure comes when you think that everything around you is not working the way you want it to be. The fact that you live having some expectations but along the way you will end up disappointed and it seems to be hard to get back from shape. Especially if you are the type of fresh graduate who does dream a lot and expects more without even making some limits and preparing yourself on the emotional struggles that you might undergo. It also seems hard to get back in shape when you think that things around you does add some burden and pressures.


The Road to Success

– seems like everyone will certainly choose the road to success. But, the problem is that it will never be that easy to survive on it. It’s the reality that when you want something, you really have to work hard on getting regardless if you still have to face a lot of challenges. It should not be taken for granted the challenges that might come your way for it will really be a test on how determined are you on getting what you want. Student should always keep this in mind, once they graduate it is simply a must to gather their thoughts very well in a much organized way. It may not be that easy to find a good job that will guarantee you of a successful career, but then it is better to still work hard and give your best on it. Remember that at the end of the day all the hard work that you have done will pay off from all the failures that you have experience.


The roads are just guide on how you will see yourself years right after Graduation comes confusion on how you will handle your life. You are not sure on what road you will end up with, but one thing is for sure every failures that you experience makes a solid support on how you have to face life with courage. This will serve as your guide in leading your life in a brighter road of success. It’s still depend on what actions are you going to put on it.



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