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Why is this episode different from all other episodes? Join us as we talk about Passover and our take on the Four Questions!

Lucy and Sofia’s modified Four Questions:

  1. What is your favorite Passover tradition? 
  2. If you could design your own Passover seder plate, what would be on it?
  3. Out of anyone—alive, dead, famous, etc.—who would you spend your seder with?
  4. If you could pick any location, where would you spend your Passover seder? 

It’s time to hit the play button and schmooze with us! Thanks for listening! Do you have ideas for future episodes? Interested in continuing the conversation? Contact us at lowkeyconvos@jtiboston.org.

Check out the Jewish teens guide to Passover here on JewishBostonTeens.com.

Lucy and Sofia, JTI Peer Leadership Fellows
Lucy and Sofia, JTI Peer Leadership Fellows (Courtesy photo)

Lucy New and Sofia Vatnik are Jewish Teen Initiative Senior Peer Leadership Fellows and are juniors at Marblehead High School. They are both actively involved in the local and greater Jewish community and are thrilled to share Lowkey Convos with the community.

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