– “Mommy…What are they doing?” 

– “They are remembering the Holocaust, sweetheart”

– “Mommy…What’s the Holocaust?”

– “The Holocaust was when 6 million Jews were killed by Hitler…”

As nearly 80 3Gs stood frozen in Faneuil Hall on Sunday May 1st, parents were teaching their children, passersby were reading the t-shirts that read “Holocaust Remembrance Day 2011” and commenting on the poses of Jewish young adults from throughout greater Boston. Some poses were meaningful, others attention grabbing and others even humorous. Regardless, the mission, the dual purposes of the freeze organized by Boston 3G, was accomplished.

Purpose 1. To let the Boston community know that the Holocaust is not just history. It is our families’ history. 

Mission 1 Accomplished: The impact was palpable. The conversation above happened…several times during the 5 minutes. Dozens of people who would have had no reason to reflect and commemorate the Holocaust did.

Purpose 2. To give us 5 minutes to do nothing but think, pray and honor loved ones who came before us and to consider, for a moment, our individual obligations and opportunities to carry the torch of remembrance.

Mission 2 Accomplished: The immediate aftermath spoke volumes. There were conversations with fellow 3Gs and friends of 3Gs about ways to make a bigger impact in the weeks, months and years ahead. Parents and children said they wanted to make this an annual remembrance event for their families. IDF soldiers joined us and shared their Yom HaShoah experiences from Israel and spoke of the younger generation coming of age.

This year’s Holocaust Commemoration events were meaningful on many levels for many members of the Jewish community, but the value in the conversations…the organic teaching moments…that the Frozen Memorial created went to the core of remembrance. Not only should we be reminding ourselves, but we should find ways to teach others as well.

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