As this year’s Yom Sport co-chairs, we want to give everyone an inside look into the most fabulous day of the year! Yom Sport is a field day filled with athletic events put on through the collaborative efforts of Combined Jewish Philanthropies (CJP) and Jewish Big Brothers Big Sisters (JBBBS). It is a day dedicated to creating new friendships and lasting memories with athletes of all abilities.


Nina Godles first got involved in Yom Sport through MAGIC, another JBBBS program, where young adults are matched with a friend with disabilities and attend monthly events together. It was during MAGIC four years ago that she realized how easy and how fun it was to make a difference in her friends’ lives. While MAGIC events allow her to connect with her friends on a smaller scale, Yom Sport has its own energy that is truly indescribable.

Five years ago, Hannah Chafetz learned about Yom Sport through her work at CJP. The concept immediately resonated with her and she promptly signed up as a volunteer. During her first Yom Sport, she witnessed the expressions of pure joy on the athletes’ faces when participating in events and receiving medals. She knew then just how magical this day was. Not wanting the day to end, she signed up to volunteer with the MAGIC program and continue connecting with some of the athletes throughout the year.

We are so excited about the opportunity to experience a new dimension of Yom Sport in the co-chair role. Thinking about how to plan and improve the Yom Sport experience, as well as seeing those ideas come to life, make the day all the more rewarding. One of our largest goals this year is to increase the number of young adult volunteers. From cheering on their team members to running events and awarding medals, volunteers are essential to making the day a success. If you’re looking for ways to get involved and give back to the community, sign up for Yom Sport on Sunday, June 3, for an unforgettable experience here. Can’t wait to see you there!

(Courtesy CJP)
(Courtesy CJP)