Zooming here

Zooming there
Zoom can take you anywhere
In the States
Or abroad
Or I’ll use it in my job.

Seder time?
Do not fear
Zoom’s the answer to my prayer.
Go to class
Go to school
Zoom will help you
It’s so cool.
Even prayer
Do not fear
We all can share.
Social hour
Seeing friends
Zoom, the fun just never ends.
Grab some wine
Or a beer
Zoom will bring us
Lots of cheer.
Thought I’d have
Time to spare
But with Zoom
It’s not so clear.
Zoom conflicts
Now appear
Scheduling “dates”
But don’t despair.
There’s still time
Lots to spare
We’ll check in
From far and near.
A Zoomer Boomer
I’ve become
Not so bad
Even fun.
But some day soon
It’s bye bye Zoom
Back to normal
I presume.
Hugs and kisses
COVID ends
Will Zoom still be
My loyal friend?
Stay tuned…Zoom.

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