Learning About Torah with Rabbi Greg

Rabbi Greg Hersh of Temple Emmanuel of Wakeield invites anyone interested in learning more about the Torah, the Five Books of Moses to a series of Torah study. Session one was held in March and spoke of the Archeaolgy of the Torah. Was it a gift from God to Moses or was it written by great scholars at the time? Session 2: Wednesday, April 19th at 7:30pm: The Oral Torah - How The Early Rabbis Rescued Judaism From the Second Temple's Rubble and "Reconstructed" it. The Torah says nothing about having separate dishes for milk and meat. So where do those laws come from? In this session, we will explore the origins of the Oral Torah: the Mishnah and Talmud. The Oral Torah has influenced and shaped the Judaism that Jews around the world practice today. Come and find out how! Session 3: Wednesday, May 17th at 7:30pm. The Expansive Nature of Torah - From Moses to Today Is the Torah a history book? A legal text or a mystical roadmap to Divinity? For the last 2,000 years and to this day, Jewish people have interpreted the Torah in every generation to uncover its deeper meanings. In this session, we will explore some of the approaches about how to understand and embody the wisdom of the Torah. Temple Emmanuel of Wakefield is a member of Jewish Reconstructionist Communities. The congregation is celebrating seventy years at 120 Chestnut Street, Wakefield. There is no charge for these programs. There is a chair-lift to the second floor social hall. www.WakefieldTemple.org 781-245-1886