Some seven-plus decades ago, two sisters growing up in Winthrop learned how to cook from their beloved mentor, their mother. The young Brass sisters tailed her around the kitchen, learning family recipes and tricks of the trade that launched their culinary careers. Now, with over 130 years of combined cooking experience, Marilynn and Sheila Brass have become a cultural phenomenon, publishing three books and starring in their own show on PBS, “The Food Flirts.”


We could think of no better guests for our first podcast before a live audience than Marilynn and Sheila. As enchanting as they are illuminating, the Brass sisters describe their childhood memories of their mother’s kitchen, their upbringing during challenging times and their enduring partnership in business, in the kitchen and in life.

Together, they truly are a culinary institution with deep ties to Boston’s Jewish community.

Listen to the warm and witty Marilynn and Sheila as they make us laugh, shimmy in our chairs, learn about “age-appropriate flirting” in the age of #MeToo, and even get a little misty with their stories and memories.

Recorded by Jeff Bousquet and edited by Salim Akram, with music by Ryan J. Sullivan.


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