A Christian teen, Muslim teen and Jewish teen walk into a recording studio…

Join us for a conversation with local teens Isabel, Reynad and Shalev as they discuss their year-round efforts building bridges between people and working for social justice.

The organization that brought them together, Kids4Peace, trains and inspires Muslim, Christian and Jewish youth from seventh through 12th grades to become peace leaders.

Sindy Wayne, executive director of Kids4Peace Boston, also provides an overview of the organization.

In our current time of uncertainty, we hope this podcast (recorded before the coronavirus) brings levity and inspiration.

Find more information about Kids4Peace Boston, including its school-year programming and middle school peace leader summer camp, on their website and Facebook page. To learn more about Kids4Peace in other cities, visit the Kids4Peace website and Facebook page.

Edited by Jesse Ulrich, with music by Ryan J. Sullivan.

From left: Hosts Dan Seligson and Ashley Jacobs with guests Isabelle, Shalev and Reyand (Photo: Miriam Anzovin)
From left: Hosts Dan Seligson and Ashley Jacobs with guests Isabel, Shalev and Reynad (Photo: Miriam Anzovin)

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