The heightened awareness of our political system has raised the antenna of many. There is much uncertainty and many news stories that are in conflict with each other on a daily basis.

Rumors abound and the element of fear has been expressed by some. For others, there is excitement and anticipation on righting a system they feel has been broken for many years.

The dismantling of ObamaCare, privatizing Medicare and changes in social security all are in the news. With 2017 just a week away, there are some things we know will not change.

Those who depend on us for care will continue to need our soothing voices and hands. A reassuring touch and quick smile will absolutely assuaged concerns no matter what people are thinking.

Those who we serve are the frailest among us. As the standards for inpatient care have increased, at every level, we are caring for people who have a higher acuity than we have seen previously.

Healthcare is an ever evolving system. From the birth of Medicare in the 1960’s to today, the system has changed and grown substantially. As each change surfaced, there was much concern and angst. Today, we have a system of insurance for our seniors that at times seems robust and at other times seems not robust enough.

The only certainty in change is that there will be more change.

As healthcare professionals, we have weathered this change and will continue to do so. Through all of the change, we must remember that the people who depend on us do not change. They trust we will do the right thing and that we will have that soothing voice and touch.

I am proud to be part of an organization who embraces the importance of what we do. As Buzz Lightyear said “ to infinity and beyond” or maybe just to 2017 and beyond.

Happy New Year!

This blog is courtesy of Terry Halliday, VP Business Development, Chelsea Jewish Foundation

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