We know how your life goes. Each morning, you hit snooze, force yourself out of bed, and brave your commute smashed in on the T alongside all the other grumpy Pats and Sox fans. You crunch out some work in a cubicle between Facebook binges, count down the hours ’til you can hit the gym and scarf down some chowdah, and collapse into bed to do it all over again.


It’s time to break free. At Camp Nai Nai Nai, we’re offering you a taste of what liberation feels like. You deserve a break from the 9 to 5 grind. Imagine a place with no alarm clocks, no commute, and no humdrum microwave meals shoveled down at your desk. A place where when you wake up, you’re exactly where you want to be. A place where you can let your inner child roam free from the oppression of schedules and cranky bosses.

This Memorial Day weekend, Camp Nai Nai Nai’s got your back. It’s a place where you can shed the 9 to 5 and be the most real, fun, best version of you!

Here are 10 reasons adults need summer camp:

Truth or dare

You might think truth or dare is for pre-teens, right? Like something we grow out of as we evolve into mature adults? Think again. At its heart, truth or dare is a game that challenges us to step outside of our comfort zones…and into the experience of trying something exhilarating or sharing something about ourselves deeper than just what we do for work. So…truth or dare?

Slow down

Adult life is full of rushing around, which takes a toll on us in the form of sleep deprivation and stress. At Camp Nai Nai Nai, you can escape into a world without alarm clocks. Revisit the freedom of childhood, when you had the freedom to do what you wanted, when you wanted, without worrying about disappointing anyone or letting anyone down. Go ahead, sleep ’til 10. We won’t tell anyone.

Try new things

Let’s face it, adults can get pretty stuck in routines, whether it’s ordering from the same greasy Chinese takeout place, sticking to the same old workout, or hanging out with the same friends, there’s not much chance to try new things in adulthood. Never done a mud obstacle course? Always wanted to try zip-lining or paddle boarding? At Camp Nai Nai Nai, you’ll get your chance to check a few things off your bucket list.

Get into nature

Research shows that when we slow down, take a break from busywork, and immerse ourselves in beautiful natural surroundings for as long as three days, not only do our bodies feel rejuvenated, but our mental focus and creative problem-solving improve too. Give your brain a break and join in meditation, yoga, kayaking, and hiking in Camp Nai Nai Nai’s picturesque 250-plus acre landscape. Your boss will thank you at work on Tuesday!


Your phone is an amazing tool. But it can also be a ball and chain. Think of the last time you went a full day without worrying about whether your boss would text you, or your crush would forget to. Neither can we. Camp allows you to be where you are. Substitute notifications for deep conversations. On the lake. With a beer.

Make best friends with a stranger

Can’t imagine life without your current best friend? Think back to when you met them. Chances are, it was during some kind of shared immersive experience. Science shows that feelings of connection most often arise during these type of settings. Don’t believe us? Check out this article. You can thank us when you can’t imagine life without your next new BFF 😉

Unleash your creativity

Let’s face it, adulthood can be pretty blah. Spruce up your gray cubicle or that IKEA shelf you keep meaning to decorate with some handmade arts and crafts from Camp Nai Nai Nai’s plentiful arts & crafts workshops, including but not limited to terrarium making, tie-dye, candle-making, or flower crowns! Not a crafty person? Not to worry: there’s also creative writing, pickling, and improv.

Follow your joy

Whether ultimate bliss for you is singing your favorite songs around the campfire over s’mores, jumping in the lake after a long hike, or playing laser tag in the woods at night, Camp Nai Nai Nai offers a chance to let your hair down, get your heart racing, and shriek with laughter like you haven’t since you were a kid.

Camp crush

Forget tinder, and definitely forget J-Swipe…all the cool kids are meeting their spring fling at adult summer camp this year! Freshen up your perspective on romance when you find yourself stargazing on the dock of a lake with that cutie who lives in your city but somehow never met amidst the hustle and bustle of a million distractions.

Connect with something larger than yourself

Beneath the fun, there’s something incredibly profound about the experience of lighting Shabbat candles or interlocking arms in a havdalah circle in the great outdoors amidst curious exploration and unlimited expression of joy. Camp allows a deepening of relationship with the unknowable, and with the humans around us who infuse our lives with meaning. Camp isn’t all fun and games…it’s even more.

See you at Camp Nai Nai Nai this Memorial Day Weekend! Grab your seat around the campfire before registration closes on May 12th!  Sign up today at: www.campnainainai.org

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