Havayah is Temple Beth Elohim’s teen community for grades 8-12. When our teens participate in Havayah, they learn about and connect to Jewish life by actively experiencing it! Havayah combines the best of experiential informal education in a cohesive program that fosters Jewish identity development, community-building, leadership skills and deep connection to Jewish life.

Chavurot are interest-based learning communities that focus on topics that reflect our teens’ interests. All chavurot are grounded in Jewish content and Jewish text and meet on various days and times throughout the week, enabling teens to create schedules that fit into their lives.

Throughout the Jewish calendar, Havayah teens come together to celebrate Shabbat and holidays, typically once per month. Join us in a relaxed and open setting for joyful worship and learning, sacred community and delicious meals.

Each year, we offer several full-day or overnight experiences, along with travel opportunities (schedule varies by year) centered around issues and topics found in the Havayah core curriculum. Our Shabbatonim and trips are infused with exciting worship and music, creative learning experiences and time to unwind and connect with friends. Past trips have included New York City and the Religious Action Center’s L’Taken Seminar in Washington, D.C.

​Havayah Manhigut (leadership) is the governing body for Havayah. Members of the Havayah Manhigut team are responsible for planning and running Havayah programs and events, as well as holding other responsibilities specific to each position on the Havayah Manhigut team. Havayah Manhigut team members participate in leadership training programs, helping them build skills and develop leadership styles and techniques.

In addition to being a part of the governing body, many teens at TBE are involved as leaders in our K-7 programs as madrichim, Kesher mentors and song leading madrichim.