The Jewish Climate Action Network (JCAN) is a coalition working toward increasing awareness and mobilizing the Jewish community to take personal and collective action to confront climate change.

JCAN is a new Boston-based organization formed by members of the Jewish community who are passionate about the earth and the critical need for action related to climate change and other environmental concerns. We are diverse in our backgrounds and in the kinds of action we take, but we are united by our care and concern for the world around us. JCAN is focused on tikkun tevel—healing of the earth—through action.

Our objectives and plans are five-fold:

  1. Promote awareness and understanding of environmental problems
  2. Support political advocacy and action for better climate and environmental policies
  3. Encourage personal and communal change
  4. Bring attention to social and economic injustices involved with global warming
  5. Provide support to everyone who gets involved in these important and amazing activities