The Jewish Teen Foundation of Greater Boston (JTFGB) is a community program for 9th-12 graders based at Hebrew College.

JTFGB provides Jewish teens in the greater Boston area the opportunity to put their Jewish values (such as tikkun olam and tzedakah) into practice in a group setting and instills within its participants the skills that set a life-long pattern of activism and philanthropy. The program participants engage in an in-depth examination of social justice issues and profound discussions while viewing different things through a Jewish lens.

JTFGB teen boards use a consensus process to choose an issue area to focus on for the year, learn about non-profits, grant proposals and how to evaluate them, raise funds, go on site visits to different agencies, and eventually allocate money (that they have individually solicited and raised) to various nonprofits of their choice—all while experiencing firsthand how the grant-making cycle works and philanthropy is applied to real life.

This is a program for caring and motivated teens who want to work together to put their Jewish values into action and make a real difference.

2023-24 applications are now being accepted on a rolling basis. Apply today!