Kol Shira is a partnership minyan in Sharon, which provides opportunities for women to have aliyot, lead the Torah service and Pesukei d’zimra, act as gabbai, leyn and give divrei Torah. We meet monthly from September to June at Temple Kol Tikvah.

Our history: We formed in 2015 and met monthly in members’ homes. We have rented space for davening at Kol Tikvah since 2016.

What is a partnership minyan? A prayer group committed to maintaining halakhic standards and practices and to including women in ritual leadership roles to the fullest extent possible within the boundaries of Jewish law. The minyan must include 10 men; men and women are separated by a mechitzah, and traditional liturgy is used. Women may participate fully in kriyat haTorah, leyn and receive aliyot and lead parts of the service, such as psukei dzimrah and kabbalat Shabbat.

Our mission: We strive for focused davening, ruach and inclusivity, with attention to keeping it to a reasonable timeframe. The minyan is run along the lines of other partnership minyanim, such as Shira Chadasha in Jerusalem and Darchei Noam in New York.