Me’ah (Hebrew for the number 100)—a program of Hebrew College and Combined Jewish Philanthropies—is an intensive Jewish educational experience designed for busy adult learners of all backgrounds. All of our Me’ah programs are led by renowned Jewish scholars, many of whom teach at area colleges and universities. They are skilled educators of adults and are able to employ their strengths and adapt their approaches both to the Me’ah curriculum and to a range of adult-learning styles.

Me’ah Classic comprises 100 hours of class time over two years. Participants are immersed in reading core Jewish texts, grappling with concepts representing cultural and political movements from four historical periods: biblical, rabbinic, medieval and modern.

Me’ah Select provides an opportunity to enroll in a single-term class focused on particular themes, texts, and personalities in Jewish history. Each semester we have several exciting new classes to offer to the Boston community, and you can commit to one or as many classes as you wish.

Me’ah Online Me’ah Online grew out of Hebrew College’s acclaimed program that has engaged more than 6,000 adult learners in a 100-hour journey through Jewish history. Led by Me’ah’s master educators, Me’ah Online provides access to this extraordinary experience to individuals and groups around the world! You can engage on your own, or with a local group in our “blended learning” version that combines online learning with facilitated, exciting, in-person discussions.

Financial aid is available for all interested students.