NeshamArts™ is dedicated to tikkun olam via offering private, salon-style or more public institutionally sponsored events with themes or goals that lie at the crossroads of Judaism, spirituality and the arts. Current trends of classes, workshops or facilitated events include Judaic SoulCollage®, arts-based meditation, Mussar and MussArts-based events, teaching use of Lights of Mussar™ Cards for Creating a Balanced Life, Kabbalistic painting and creative events to mark life-stage transitions—such as pregnancy, birth, weaning, b’nai mitzvah, menopause, house blessing, wise woman and aging as saging gatherings.

NeshamArts seeks to connect participants to their inner wisdom, bring their lights into this world and ultimately elevate their souls. We are sponsored by or affiliate with organizations to bring our works to the larger community—such as with Temple Emunah in Lexington, Emunat HaLev Meditation Institute, Limmud Boston, Aleph Kallah, Jewish Arts Collaborative of Sarasota, Temple Beth El in Sudbury and more.