Shir Tikvah is a Reform congregation with about 340 family and single households. We’re an informal, down-to-earth group of people with diverse backgrounds, personal histories, opinions, and interests. Our temple building is in Winchester where many members live, but most people come from surrounding towns.

We cover the spectrum of religious orientations: secular Jews and deeply observant ones; believers, agnostics, and atheists; traditionalists and innovators. Whether you’re Jewish by birth, Jewish by chosen identity, or not Jewish at all, everyone is on the same footing.

We’re a multi-generational community, and our spiritual, educational, cultural, social, and social action programming reflects that, although it’s also very important to us that we don’t segregate along age lines. To that end, we’ve developed an innovative family education program where members at different ages and stages of life find common ground in shared community activities.

Our religious school high school program, which meets once a week, is workshop-based, and the topics are inspired by the students themselves, guided by our youth educators. Popular classes have included conversational Hebrew, Jewish yoga, and cooking recipes from the Torah. Pizza, dessert, and a lot of social time are included.

There’s always something happening at Shir Tikvah and you’re invited. Sing with us at Friday Shabbat services (We’re big on singing.) Or come to other events that might help you begin to imagine what being part of this community could mean in your life. Everyone needs a community to share joys and to ease sorrows. Find out if we’re the right one for you. See for a full schedule of activities, call 781-729-1263 or email

We also sponsor two youth group programs: our in-house SHTIKY (Shir Tikvah Youth) and participation in northeast regional NFTY (North America’s Reform Jewish Youth Movement). SHTIKY is exuberant and fun, and because students come from many different towns and attend different schools, meeting up at youth group events keeps them connected. NFTY programming provides broader opportunities, combining learning, leadership development, social action and fellowship.