The Tent meets (almost) every Monday night from September to May, with dinner from 5:45-6:30 p.m. and classes from 6:40-8:30 p.m. Class offerings are based on themes and issues suggested by students.  Students select two electives per semester. Classes are all multi-grade and designed to accommodate a wide range of educational modalities with differentiated instruction.

All eighth-graders begin their journey with Our Whole Lives (OWL), an innovative approach to Jewish social/emotional values-based learning. During their semester together, students and staff spend a weekend in New York City to bond as a cohort and explore the history of American Judaism.

The Tent is a partner site for Boston-Haifa Connection, facilitated by CJP. Each year, we offer a Boston-Haifa Connection elective, which will share curriculum and communicate throughout the year with a sibling class at Kiryat Haim High School in Haifa. The course will culminate with a 10-day trip to Israel, and a 10-day visit to Boston for their sibling classmates from Kiryat Haim.