created at: 2011-10-27I love Fenway Park.  But after the month of September and the epic collapse of the Red Sox, I’m not sure that I want any reminders of that disaster hanging around.

There is one exception, though.  If I walk out of my office, downstairs, and into the cafeteria there’s a new member of the Hebrew College community that is impossible to ignore and kind of amazing.

The Kosher hot dog machine is here!

Yes, the Kosher hot dog machine was literally rolled out of Fenway, driven straight down Beacon Street to Newton Centre, and delivered into the cafeteria, along with a second “Hot Nosh” machine featuring pizza, mozzarella sticks, and other Kosher delicacies. 

The new machines sparkle with blue lights and lots of options and are next to a new gourmet coffee machine, a beverage machine, and a snack machine that now serve as the main source of Kosher food up on the hill.  Prozdor’s Sunday break now will feature not only our usual selection of snacks, bagels, and beverages, but also the new space-age Kosher hot food that emerges, steaming and rather tasty, from the machines.

Just today, in fact, a few of us had a sampling party at the new machines that we glibly called “Noshity Nosh” and featured potato knishes, mozzarella sticks, red Gatorade, and a whole lot of laughs.

It’s not often that a little slice of Fenway can be so close to home, and after the misery that was September in Red Sox Nation, this could be perceived as rubbing salt on a wound…

But actually, it’s pretty awesome.

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