This Tuesday at Camp Harbor View, Cornell Coley and his group, AfroLatin, got the campers “up and drumming,” as part of the New Center’s summer long performance series, Explore World Arts, currently in its sixth week. (For more information on the program, please see the New Center’s previous blog post here.)

Coley and AfroLatin started off by playing a few jazzy songs for campers, who danced along with the music and were later invited on stage to learn about and play the instruments he had laid out on a table. There were shakers, African and Brazilian bells, Djembe drums and bongos, and the kids played them all! Along with giving  a taste of the many different percussion instruments out there, Coley described each instrument’s  origins and cultural significance. One of the instruments, the Berimbau, originated in Brazil and was used as part of ‘Capoeira,’ a dance created by runaway slaves in the eighteenth century. After the show, the campers lingered, sampling the instruments and asking questions, until their counselors had to drag them away, saying, “Come on, we’re going to be late!”


created at: 2011-08-11

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