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Are you a Jewish young adult involved as a leader or staff at a Jewish organization? Then you are invited to attend the Community Leadership Meeting! It’s free, but you need to register online.



Below is a full list of all the informative workshops being held at the Community Leadership Meeting on January 13th from 6:00 to 9:00 PM.  

Sailing Past Rough Seas: Navigating Your Organization Through Change

People come and go from organizations. Whether it is the top lay or the professional leaders, organizations of all types and sizes experience transitions. In fact, many of these transitions can be healthy. What is most important, however, is that organizations not be rocked by leadership changes and instead, institute a continual process of leadership cultivation and succession planning so that they are prepared for and can embrace change as a positive part of their life cycle.  This interactive workshop will provide participants with an overview to succession planning – the steps involved and how a group can incorporate leadership planning into their ongoing business.



No Time Like the Present: How to Handle a Difficult Situation

How do you embrace the conversations and people you don’t want to, but need to have? In his book, Powerful Conversations, Phil Harkins writes “High impact [individuals] manage to emerge from difficult conversations with relationships and trust at the very least intact—and often enhanced.” From working with diverse, different, and sometimes difficult personalities to creating a shared vision among varied opinions, this workshop will provide you with tactical advice on how to work with those around you in a positive way and find common ground. Learn how different styles can be helpful, and discover how they can also actually reduce your effectiveness when over- or underused.


The “M” Word: What Happens When It’s Time to Talk about Money and Fundraising

What happens when dollars and cents becomes an issue? How do you raise money with and from a group that has never had to deal with financial/budgetary issues before? How does an organization start to think about fundraising when it is not yet a part of its culture, and then implement a plan? What do you do when there is no seed funding? Learn how to work with volunteers to fundraise on a shoestring budget.  This workshop will focus both on groups that have professional staff and those that do not.


I Wish WE Had Someone Like That!: Identifying and Developing Future Leaders

How do you harness the skills and people you already have? What about establishing goals for future leaders, and how do you determine the skill sets worth developing? How do you identify, track, cultivate, and steward new people for volunteer and leadership opportunities? What steps should organizations take to feed newcomers more seamlessly into their volunteer structure? What about cases in which an enthusiastic individual may just simply not be the right fit for your organization? Learn the ins and outs of basic leadership identification and development.


“Being Involved”: Sustaining a Meaningful Volunteer Experience

What does “being involved” mean? How do organizations create meaningful volunteer experiences that are more than attending events and not as much commitment as board service? How do you empower your leaders to feel that their volunteer time is both beneficial and rewarding to them personally but also to the organization? A mixture of case studies and advice, this workshop will provide attendees with ideas on the “in between” of volunteer experiences.


How Many “Friends” Is Too Many?: Using Social Media Effectively

We are all at least somewhat familiar with the majority of social media platforms, but are less clear about when, and sometimes more importantly, when not to use them.  How should you use social media and how does it factor into your organization’s overall communication strategy? What are your goals for social media, and can they actually be accomplished? How do you turn virtual relationships into tangible results? This workshop will emphasize these overarching themes of social media application rather than the how-tos of specific tools.


One Big Happy Family?: Young Adult Groups and Their Parent Organizations

Are you a part of a larger organization working to create or sustain a young adult vision/program? How do you maintain your autonomy without becoming a rogue program or completely disenfranchised? How do you manage a constructive, cooperative relationship with the parent organization? Where, if at all, does your group fit into the overall governance structure? How do you leverage the parent organization’s branding and marketing without compromising your own identity? This panel will feature leaders from both sides of the equation who negotiate this challenge every day.


What About Us?: Where Young Adults Fit into the Community Landscape

What is the current and future landscape for Jewish young adults? How do they fit into the fabric of the overall Jewish and broader Boston community? How do young adult groups raise their profiles in order to leverage opportunities for access and connections in the wider world? Hear from leaders about their visions and hopes for young adult leaders and participants, and provide your perspective to them in this interactive, conversation-based panel.


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