So this past weekend about 14 of us decided to take a little vacation to Eilat (being an emt in israel does not always feel like a vacation).  So my danny alon and david took a 6:30am bus to eilat.  It took about 5 hours but we slept for most of it.  My knees were a bit raw after having them in the chair back the entire time.  When we got there, we walked for about 20 minutes to find our hostel.  It was actually very nice and quite cheap only $32 per night.  We went to eat lunch at burger bar and then we headed to the beach.  It was the hottest weather I have ever experienced.  108 degrees.  Usually when it is windy, the breeze cools you off, but not when they are heat waves!  At about 7:00 we met 4 girls on the trip and went out to dinner and followed that by a bar called the monkeys.  It was a good night.


The next day all of the other people from the trip came into town.  We had breakfast at the hostel that was quite terrible although my roommate thought it was good and referred to it as dank.  We then went for a 4hr cruise around the red sea.  It was quite hot and I actually did put on sunscreen more than one time. During the cruise we jumped off the boat for about 2 hours and went snorkeling.  We made fun of danny when he put on a life vest, but about 5 minutes in, we wish we had all worn them.  Towards the end of the snorkeling we decided to have a race back. Lets just say I lost and I got a mouthfuls of water.


That night we went out to the a club called gallina’s.  No relationship to gallina’s in the Tel Aviv port that we frequent.  Eddie almost got into a fight with a man that was a minimum 3X bigger than him.  Also, alon and I decided to duke it out for 20seconds  at 3 different battles.  The next morning we hung out for a while, went to McDonalds (a lot better than in the states. I had a Big Texas Burger) and then took a bus back in the afternoon.  The bus had no air conditioning or minimum at best and I profusely sweated for about 5 hours.  We then had to hail a taxi back to beit leni.  The cabbie tried to rip us off with the meter and we did not need a tour of Tel Aviv, we already know the city.  After he quoted us 40sheks, the ride came out to 52sheks.  We gave him 40 to which he got out of the car and started yelling at us.  “I have a cell phone, I call police, I make a big trouble for you!”  We walked away, although he did follow us for a bit until we walked down a one way street.


It will be a good memory

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