With Thanksgiving coming up just days after the next JBN Birth Circle, at Temple B’nai Brith in Somerville, it seems like the theme should have been gratitude and thanksgiving, rather than fear and faith, as we planned.  After all, Thanksgiving can be a poignant moment of reflection when you’re anticipating or settling in with a new baby.  Since my kids were born, four and two years ago, I’m surprised at how much I have to be grateful for, and how much is about my family and my experience becoming and growing as a mother.  
Scared TurkeyBut the timely theme of Thanksgiving and the slated theme of fear and faith are actually not so far removed from each other.  After all, Thanksgiving is a harvest holiday, an expression of gratitude that what we planted in the earth, without any guarantee or control, grew successfully.  We are grateful because we weren’t certain things would go according to plan, because we were kind of afraid they wouldn’t.  
Pregnancy, birth and parenting come with that same sense of uncertainty and lack of control.  That’s why the traditional words of congratulations on a pregnancy are B’sha’ah Tovah “May it happen in good time”.  It’s why parents find ourselves worrying about so many things, and its why we feel so thankful when we stop to reflect on the miraculous growth of our babies and ourselves.
On November 20, from 7:30-9:00 pm at TempleB’nai Brith, The Birth Circle will focus on pregnancy, birth and parenting fear, the faith we find for the journey of parenthood, and the gratefulness we feel as a result.  
Our first local program to launch, the birth circle is geared towards pregnant women and new moms, and open to all women who are interested in talking about pregnancy, birth and babies.  
At a birth circle you’ll find a supportive, confidential,  pluralistic, environment where you can meet people, share experience, and ask questions about the journey to motherhood.
You can hear a range of experiences as you prepare to birth your baby, and ask questions about birth, babies and parenting.
You’ll have a chance to tell your birth story and be heard, and to process your story in new ways.  
You’ll meet other pregnant women, new moms, birth professionals and birth enthusiasts.  
There will be refreshments and a prize raffle.  For more information see www.JewishBirthnetwork.com/birthcircles.html

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