Hi Parents, this is for those who haven’t got a minute:
“Ikkarim” means Core, essence, main principles that give meaning to our lives.It happens when you sit with your little ones for dinner (pieces of broccoli flying over your head), and when you tuck them in at night and answer yet ANOTHER question, and when you walk hand in hand talking about what happened today with another kid at school/daycare/park/ you name it…. 

Ikkarim is a program for parents (with babysitting on-site!!) that allows you to pause and think for a minute about how you want to harness these moments, and what you would have liked to say if you had the minute to think about it.

I urge you to take a good look at this site:  www.cjp.org/ikkarim
These carefully conceived group meetings are targeted especially for you, parents with no time, when you have your kids and your job and other obligations taking every inch of your life!

A few points about Ikkarim:

  * The program is great – see the testimonials bellow
   * Ikkarim is for all who are interested in “Parenting through a Jewish Lens.”  Parents of all faith traditions are welcome.  Parents of kids of all ages are welcome.
    * Babysitting on-site will be provided
    * The first class of the Cambridge Collaborative Ikkarim site will take place on Sunday, October 24th. Class will be held from 10:30 a.m.—noon, 19 sessions.
    * For more information and enrollment register, please visit www.cjp.org/ikkarim

People say about Ikkarim:
“I was so fortunate to take the class 6 years ago, and I must tell you that this course inspired, refreshed, educated and enlightened my commitment to raising Jewish children.  Let’s face it. We’re all really busy.  We have a kid or kids. We want a break to go to the gym, get groceries, catch up with friends…there are MILLIONS of ways to spend our precious free time as moms and dads.  But I invite you to make room in your life for this incredible opportunity. Give yourself a gift that will fulfill and inspire you.  I promise, and so would the hundreds of other parents who have taken this course, that Ikkarim will be a remarkable and memorable experience that you will value and cherish” – Sharon Winn

“My husband and I really enjoyed the Ikkarim Class.  It was the first time in our married life that we took a year long course together.  We not only learned from our teachers and our fellow students, but we were able to discuss class topics on the way home and during the week.” – Stephanie F. Weitzman

 “My wife Leslie and I participated in Ikkarim because we wanted to learn how to incorporate Jewish beliefs and values in raising our children and in our everyday lives.  The value of Ikkarim is not in providing answers directly, but in sparking conversations, ideas, and revelations that extend beyond the classroom and continue to guide us towards our goal.” – Adrian Gonzalez

 “Ikkarim is an experiential and text-based class, focusing each week on a Jewish value of immediate importance in parenting; it gets folks around the table to study classic texts together, and then to share their own views and reflect on their own situations.  The warm and frank conversations around the table often create lasting friendships (and interest in more learning).  It also comes with free on-site babysitting!” – Jacob Meskin, one of Ikkarim instructors

Lee Zucker Cohen

Liaison, Cambridge Collaborative Ikkarim class

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