The trauma since Hamas attacked Israel on Oct. 7 has affected so many of us. Even conversations with like-minded people can be difficult. But if you’re ready to start engaging with potential allies, here are some suggestions:

  • Remember that it’s OK not to be OK, and please make sure you’re reaching out for the support you need.
  • Distinguish between the detractors and those who are likely willing to engage with you, and don’t take the bait from those just looking to argue.
  • For those who have potential to be allies, call them into conversation, invite them to learn, and raise their awareness about the communal pain and impacts.
  • With those friends or colleagues who have been silent in this moment or have tried to show empathy but perhaps have missed the mark, tell them you are hurting and that you want to talk. Reach out for both the support and the opportunity for them to be in allyship with you. Help them understand what you and the Jewish community are going through.

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