The Vibe of the Tribe recently asked you, our listeners and members of the community, what questions you have always had about Judaism. Turns out, you had a lot of questions, like: Where do Jewish prayers come from? What really makes food kosher? What’s the difference between Jewish denominations? Why do many Jews cover their heads, and why such a sartorial variety of hats, scarves, snoods and wigs? What do acronyms like Z”L and B”H stand for? And, really, what’s up with the celebrity obsession with Kabbalah?

Rabbi Vanessa Harper
Rabbi Vanessa Harper (Courtesy photo)

Extremely qualified guest expert Rabbi Vanessa Harper, an educator at Temple Beth Elohim in Wellesley—and the genius creator of @lechlechallah (read more about that here)—joins Miriam and Ashley on this episode to answer these questions, and more!

Please note: The Vibe of the Tribe podcast is going on hiatus. It’s been a true joy to share these episodes and learn along with you. Our wish is that this podcast, and knowledgeable experts like Rabbi Harper, will continue to inspire you to learn more about the incredible diversity and array of Jewish culture, heritage and history that connects us all as one people. To reach out to us, email

Produced by Miriam Anzovin and edited by Miriam Anzovin and Jesse Ulrich, with music by Ryan J. Sullivan.