One of the grownups in the work-tier above me who is not actually my direct supervisor–so, my uncle boss–is coming to the wedding. He is bringing his partner. It should be wonderful to see them. My uncle-boss is a really nice guy, and we sometimes chat when we encounter each other on campus, but I’ve never interacted with him outside of work before. I’m excited to be more friendly with him.

It was a little awkward for me to explain the whole potluck thing, as this person is, like, a grownup. (I don’t care if I’m nearly 30; anyone a generation older than me who is not yet infirm of mind is a “grownup” in my vocabulary.)

When I spoke with him face to face, I told him that we weren’t doing presents for in town guests. I mentioned how it was a potluck in an email, but I said how they really didn’t have to bring anything, and if they really REALLY felt compelled to contribute, they could bring a drink, because we definitely need more non alcoholic drinks. (Technically at this point we need more main dishes, but whatever. I didn’t want to bother him.)

I was sort of dreading whatever they might end up contributing, because I’m awkward like that. If he cooked, I would feel ridiculous for having put them in that position. If they got us some swanky kitchen stuff from the registry, I’d feel super awkward, because I don’t even know him that well. I was convinced that whatever gift thing that came from my uncle-boss was going to be excruciatingly socially challenging for me. I pretend to know what I’m doing in social situations sometimes, but I really don’t. I get terrified when I’m expected to act like a grownup.

You know what they did? They donated to Keshet in our name. How perfect! That is the one and only non-awkward gift they could have possibly given! So amazing! So grownup.

Lag B Blog Day 27!

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