Earlier this year, Holocaust survivor Michael Gruenbaum, who lives in Brookline, appeared on JewishBoston’s The Vibe of the Tribe podcast to discuss his memoir, “Somewhere There Is Still a Sun,” about his experience in the Terezin concentration camp in the Czech Republic. His book, which has won numerous literary awards, is now being translated and published abroad to reach an even bigger audience.

“It’s been an honor and a career highlight to work with Michael Gruenbaum on his memoir,” said Liesa Abrams, vice president and editorial director at Simon Pulse. “In addition to seeing the book published to critical acclaim here in the United States, I’ve watched Michael go above and beyond to personally build connections with foreign publishers, convincing them to translate and publish the book.”


Last year, Simon & Schuster engaged Scholastic to make the book available to schools and libraries across the country. “Within nine months, Scholastic reported it had sold 53,000 copies, and surely many more have been sold since then,” said Gruenbaum.

He said his memoir has struck a chord with publishers abroad; Gruenbaum now expects the book to be translated and published in some 15 countries within a year. The memoir has already been published in German, French, Czech, Turkish and Burmese, with Russian, Ukrainian, Greek, Slovenian, Sinhala and Tamil up next. Publishers in Cambodia, Israel, China, Tanzania and Sweden are also planning to distribute the book.

(Courtesy Simon & Schuster)

Gruenbaum noted that “anti-Semitism is on the rise again all over the world,” and recommended his book for engaging teens and adults alike. “Among the many original documents Michael managed to retain that are reproduced in the book are notes from other children he knew in Terezin,” added Abrams. “One note, from a boy who didn’t survive, reads: ‘Remember me.’ Michael has taken this mission to heart and works tirelessly to make sure his story—as well as the stories of the children who were never able to tell their own—continues to be heard by readers around the world.”

Hear Michael read an excerpt from his book on JewishBoston’s The Vibe of the Tribe podcast, and find more information at michaelgruenbaum.com.