Honey cake is a High Holiday staple. This versatile cake spans cultures and has passed the test of time. From tried-and-true family recipes to new adventures in baking, you can’t go wrong with any of these options. We’ve even included gluten-free recipes so everyone can start the new year with sweetness!

Rosh Hashanah Apple Cake

(Photo: Wake & Jake)

A cross between a cake and a pie, this is a delicious family recipe passed down from generation to generation. Sometimes mom really does know best.

Spiced Honey Cake With Cream Cheese Frosting

(Photo: Peter Frank Edwards/Bon Appetit)

As if cream cheese frosting wasn’t enough, this spiced honey cake is also gluten-free. Can it get any better?

Orange Honey Almond Cake

(Photo: May I Have That Recipe?)

Orange you glad we didn’t say apple? Switch it up with this Spanish-inspired, gluten-free cake that’s sweet, chewy and nutty.

Japanese-Style Apple and Honey Roll Cake

(Photo: 18Doors)

We volunteer as tribute to taste-test this light and airy sponge cake with whipped cream, spiced apples and honey, which only hints at sweetness for those with a milder sweet tooth.

Salted Honey Apple Upside-Down Cake

(Photo: The Nosher)

No need to be salty. There’s nothing backward about this delicious recipe, which is both rich and tender, thanks to sour cream and oil.

Russian Honey Cake

(Photo: Gentl and Hyers for The New York Times)

This recipe is not for the faint of heart, but the result will be well worth it (and perfect for Instagram!). Don your apron and get to work on this unique multi-layer cake.

Milk and Honey Cake

(Photo: Chowhound)

This cake should obviously be topped with the optional (really?!) honey whipped cream. Yes, you read that right…HONEY WHIPPED CREAM! It’s self-care…in a cake.

Honey Butter Cake

(Photo: The Cake Blog)

Honey-infused layer cake + honey cream cheese frosting + honey butterscotch glaze = honey heaven.

Rustic Honey Cake

(Photo: Taste of Home)

This not-overly-sweet cake is sure to impress everyone, from picky kids to hesitant-about-dessert adults, and everyone in between.

America’s Test Kitchen Honey Cake

(Photo: America’s Test Kitchen/Joe Keller)

This is supposedly the best honey cake, according to science. Sounds like the perfect experiment for any cake lover to judge!

Three-Ingredient Honey Cake

(Photo: Lady of Law)

This is where TikTok trends and Rosh Hashanah meet! This “imploding” cake only uses three ingredients and takes 15 minutes.

One-Layer Honey Cake

(Photo: King Arthur Baking Company)

This version has added crunch (and decoration!) with sliced almonds for a creative spin on the traditional.