created at: 2010-11-09

While on a recent trip to Israel, JNF New England Board Member Warren S. Geisler and his brother Edward, dedicated a plaque for their father, Mortimer, at Ammunition Hill.
“The dedication for our father was truly moving. Our whole family presented this plaque with a great amount of love and pride to the patriarch of our family for his wonderful accomplishments. May the future generations of our family be as proud to visit this plaque at Ammunition Hill, as we are dedicating it today,” Warren shared.
Ammunition Hill, so named because British forces stored ammunition there in the 1930s holds great significance in the history of Israel and the creation of a Jewish state. The Hill was captured by Jordanian forces in the 1948 War of Independence, splitting Jerusalem in two.
Early in the morning of June 6, 1967, believing they outnumbered the Jordanians by 3 to 1 based on erroneous intelligence, about 150 Israeli paratroopers attacked the hill. In fact, the Jordanians numbered 150. Violent hand-to-hand combat ensued, and by the next morning, the Israeli’s had gained control of the hill.  This success was not without loss; 36 Israelis and 71 Jordanians were killed and 90 Israelis were wounded. 
Ken Segel shared,  “Warren is a wonderful member of our growing board. I enjoy his passion for Israel and appreciate that the Geisler-Friedman family are supporting Ammunition Hill. Mortimer Geisler joins my father, Ray Segel, as the third serviceman honored from our Zone. We welcome others to join us.”
Looking to recognize Jewish veterans for their heroism, courage, and sacrifice through their contributions to armed forces throughout the world and throughout time, and to raise $5 million for the expansion, renovation, and maintenance of the battle site and museum at Ammunition Hill in Jerusalem — site of the 1967 battle that was the key to the reunification of Jerusalem JNF has built a wall of honor on the hill. Families and friends can honor a Jewish soldier who served or serves in the military of any country by purchasing a plaque in the wall that lists the soldier’s name, country, rank, dates of service, and unit, if available. Plaques are $5,000 and with JNF’s online tribute ability recognition of a veteran is that much easier and can be shared by many people.
Today, millions of people visit the Hill, but with the addition of this Wall of Honor and expanded museum, it will become a must-see on every itinerary. The plaques, to be seen by all, will be in a wall that stands behind the amphitheater, and will be written in Hebrew and English, uniting all servicemen, no matter their country of service, to their Jewish heritage. The project is considered a national heritage project by the Israeli government.
Warren also shared, “I am so proud to be a member of the Board of Directors, raising awareness for JNF’s amazing projects in Israel..”
Find more information about Ammunition Hill online or call Senior Campaign Executive Sara Hefez at 888-JNF-0099.

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