created at: 2013-02-06Just had a first date last night? On a quest to have some great sex this spring? Navigating boundaries in a long-term romance? Let’s debrief. I’m here to talk about sex, dating and relationships in our lives and in our communities. I want to hear your stories and respond to your questions—so start emailing me at

Ask me anything! I’ve been asked a thousand random and interesting and exciting and embarrassing questions in my life. It’s pretty hard to surprise me or weird me out. I think questions are one of the most important tools of human existence—and sex and dating and relationships are my favorite topics. Basically I look forward to your questions! (Questions will be posted anonymously, of course, unless you specifically request to be named.)

In addition to responding to your questions, sometimes I’ll offer some thoughts and feelings of my own in response to holidays, current events and the like. I’ll probably write something about Valentine’s Day next week, for example (duh). We will also bring up issues specific to our lives as Jews in Boston—exploring the patterns, norms and values in our communities and learning from the diverse experiences we all have in this shared space.

To start, you might want to know a little about me. I’ve lived in Boston for five-and-a-half years. I’ve been with my partner, Matt, for four-and-a-half years. Our first introduction to each other was in the living room of the Moishe Kavod House, although our friendship really began at a giant Shabbat potluck at his house a month later. MKH is now our Jewish home, and I am also involved with Keshet as a community member and as an educator. What else? I love to dance. I love to write. I’ve been blogging for four years, reflecting on my community, my wedding and other personal and professional joys and challenges. I’m putting that project aside for now to reflect with you about your sex, dating and relationship joys and challenges instead.

I plan on bringing a critical and creative approach to this column that helps us make room for ourselves and others to understand our own needs and wants, connect to other people in diverse and fulfilling ways, and work for justice in our communities and across the globe. I’m not Dan Savage, so I won’t give up on you, yell at you or make needless assumptions about you. I think there are so many different ways to enjoy having a body and celebrate connecting with other people, and different things will feel better for different people at different times for different reasons.

I’ve been doing sexuality education for over a dozen years now, and I love it. I started in high school, and I’ve worked with middle school, high school and college students. Here in the Jewish world of Boston, I taught a sex-ed class for young adults at the Moishe Kavod House and then started the Sex Ed Team there to work on putting together curriculum and programming for Jewish young adults. Having passed the torch to some other passionate and talented leaders, I’m now here at talking with you and answering your questions.

Oh, right, and I am also at Tufts doing a doctoral program in child development, with a focus on adolescent sexuality and sexual health. See, it’s all about sex. And dating. And relationships.

You get the story.

But that’s just my story. I want to share yours! Let’s debrief.

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