Muse & Schmooze: A Delicious 5775, Boston Style

From Rosh Hashanah to Yom Kippur to Sukkot, we sure spend a lot of time in the fall reflecting on the past, present and future! Another thing we spend a lot of time doing this season? Eating! It just so happens to be a delicious season in New England, loaded with an array of apples, beets, greens, squash and more. Here are several ways to think creatively—and deliciously!—about this special season:

Not your Bubbe’s brisket

The Fireplace was slated to close, but chef/owner Jim Solomon (a Beyond Bubbie’s Kitchen favorite) heard the cries of the community and has decided to stay. Check out his braised short ribs for a home-style New England take on the traditional High Holiday brisket.

The best challah in town

What Jewish celebration is complete without challah? Head to Rosenfeld’s Bagels for one of the best challahs in the city (they also make traditional round ones for the High Holidays). I would also argue that they make the best bagels in town too, so grab a dozen for your Yom Kippur break-fast or for your next brunch at home!

Adult apple cider

Got apples and honey on the brain? Get the adult version at the Bantam Cider tasting room in Somerville. This “modern American cider” goes far beyond the light stuff you’ve probably seen on tap in years past and comes in several unique varieties.

Celebrate the harvest

Hard cider got you thinking about drinking? Learn about using harvest ingredients in at-home beer brewing and try custom-made samples by brewing pro Josh Sattin at the New Center NOW event on Sunday, Oct. 12. And since Sukkot is the Jewish harvest festival, why not check out Harvest in Harvard Square? Like The Fireplace, this New England comfort food won’t disappoint; it features fresh ingredients from local farms.

Pumpkin pie, please

Pumpkin pie is a New England fall essential, and I can vouch for the version at Petsi Pies. Swing by Somerville to pick up one (or five!). And check out their blog to drool over even more harvest delights.

Honey, honey

Follow the Honey in Harvard Square has an incredible selection of honey from around the world. Make your own jar and then fill it with top-notch local honey from the only honey tap in town!

Got other ideas? Feel free to comment below!