Aside from attending services, I also like to find my own ways to capitalize on the essence of the High Holiday season. Thought to be the most holy season of the year, this is a time to really reflect on the past year, to deeply consider who we want to be and what we want to do differently in the coming year. Here are a few fun activities that will get you thinking:


Every holiday I love to find a movie that makes me think more deeply about my own Judaism. This season, “This Is Where I Leave You” strikes me as the perfect opportunity. It has an all-star cast featuring Jason Bateman and Tina Fey as Jews (now I’m in heaven!), and highlights a Jewish family coming together for the funeral and shiva of their father. It illustrates the meaning of reconnection, repentance and the value of family. The film opens this week, so stay tuned for my review coming soon!


For anyone who plans to be cooking during this most holy of seasons, why not try cooking a meal with meaning? Try a recipe that features the Talmud’s five ingredients for a sweet new year. Some of these sound pretty tasty!


Yom Kippur, the official Jewish Day of Atonement, is truly my favorite day of the year to think critically about who I am and who I want to be. As my hangriness begins to take over, I try to think less about my own annoyance and more about those who are less fortunate. What can I realistically do in my own life, on my own scale, to help the world and those around me? John F. Kennedy was an incredible leader because he did just that, and since we’re lucky enough to have the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum right here in Boston, why not take some time to check it out? It’s an ideal setting for a day of deep thinking about life, freedom and values.


I always love a good walk on the beach, no matter the season. There’s no better place for me to admire and appreciate the wonder and magnitude of the universe than while watching the ocean reach further than I can see. There are plenty of beaches within an hour of Boston, so take advantage of this beautiful season by checking them out, taking a walk and reflecting.

Got other ideas? Feel free to comment below!