Your postman will be delivering your JArts fall season brochure copy right after Labor Day. Which makes this a prime time for people to ask me, as JArts artistic director, which events personally excite me.

This fall, what really excites me is how one season can capture such a broad range of Jewish arts and culture. Whether you like the particular musicians, writers, artists and chefs is totally a matter of taste. But one thing I hope everyone can agree on is that JArts is committed to bringing acclaimed artists and thinkers who reflect the great diversity of Jewish arts today. What excites me isn’t just the artists and events. What gets my heart pumping is how so many people now respond to having outstanding Jewish culture play a key role in our community.

So, rather than just ask me, I asked my pals and colleagues here at JArts to share what they’re excited about this season.

Jim Ball, Communications Director
The Semer Project, November 14 at Tufts University

“A vital and important legacy reclaimed featuring some of the finest, most devoted musicians anywhere. The Semer Project represents a triumph of Jewish spirit rising from the tragedy and ashes of Kristallnacht. It will move you.”

Joey Baron, Artistic Director
Arts Matter Shabbat, October 27 all across Greater Boston

“Wouldn’t it be amazing if, on one night, Jewish groups all across Greater Boston celebrated Jewish art and culture? This is our first attempt to make that happen. Synagogues and community groups throughout the area will welcome people to explore Jewish culture on Shabbat in collaboration with Mass Creative’s Arts Matter Day. Author Anita Diamant, Yiddish cultural activist Anthony Michael Russell, singer Neshama Carlebach and illustrator Jessica Tamar Deutsch are just some of the featured participants in this important pilot project. Check it out.”

Marissa Gross, Production Director
Let’s Dance Boston Klezmer Party, September 17 at Dewey Square

“My kids love to dance, so you know where you can find me that Sunday! One of my favorite parts of working for JArts is that my whole family can enjoy events, and we can meet up with friends to have a great time together. Ask my boys, and they will tell you that they are excited to dance on the Greenway again, since they still talk about dancing to the Japanese klezmer band on the Greenway last year. As a part of JArts, I’m also honored to be a partner of this terrific program of The Celebrity Series.”

Click here for highlights of the 2015 Let’s Dance Boston!

Kara Kirby, Administrative Coordinator
The Break, November 4 at Brooklyn Boulders

“As someone who isn’t Jewish the whole idea of Shabbat and unplugging is so appealing to me. My first time attending a ‘traditional’ Shabbat dinner was last season with JArts at the Fenway Community Center, and it was such a special time to connect with people from all walks of life and clear my head from the pressure of the week. I’m really looking forward to enjoying the peaceful time of Shabbat in such an awesome place as Brooklyn Boulders! This will be my first time attending a Havdalah service, and it’s going to have a LIGHT SHOW?! How cool! I’m psyched to try rock climbing, a Jewish tarot card reading, and to spend some quality time away from my iPhone. It sounds like exactly how I want to spend my Saturday, and it’s right down the street from my apartment!”

Laura Mandel, Executive Director
Hanukkah: The Festival of Lights, December 13 at Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

“This is my first baby, and where we launched JArts. A friend’s daughter calls the MFA ‘the Hanukkah museum’ because of this event, to which my response is none other than kvelling. It epitomizes the astonishing impact and energy that results when we make Jewish art and culture accessible and fun for all. There is something deeply moving about seeing hundreds of people of all ages and ethnicities coming together to celebrate, enjoy, and learn.”


These are just five choices from five people. What excites you about the JArts fall season? And what types of events would you like to see in the future? Let us know in the comments below!

And here’s a playlist of some of the artists featured this fall:

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