I’m using thank you note writing as a time for “cheshbon ha nefesh”–taking stock of the soul. I haven’t sent any notes out yet, but I’m writing them already. A few of my favorite lines so far:

Thank you for single handedly shlepping two full kegs upstairs. Also, you looked great in that dress!

Thank you for not dropping me on my head when it was time for the chair dance.

Thank you for the rainbow spray painted flask!

Thank you for almost not hugging me at the after ceremony nosh. You are the only person who looked at me and thought, “you know what? I bet she’s all hugged out.” Almost not hugging me at my own wedding was one of sweetest and most considerate gestures I’ve ever seen. That’s why I had to hug you anyway.

Thank you for being one of the most competent people I have ever met.

Thank you for getting us a plate of food at the reception–I wish we could have actually eaten more of it!

Thank you for shlepping across country to see me and then putting up hundreds of paper decorations with me.

Thank you for dressing your adorable child in the pinkest, poofiest outfit I have ever seen in my life.

Pink edible glitter. PINK. EDIBLE. GLITTER. I still can’t get over it. Thank you for making an entire wedding cake out of cupcakes and the most beautiful substance I have ever seen.

Thank you for inviting your friends over to our basement to try and finish the keg the following evening. Also, thank you for not endangering your lives by actually finishing the keg… It was a lot of beer, and there were only five of you.

Thank you for telling me the back of my dress could be turned into a bustle–and thank you for then insisting you could do it and immediately crawling under my dress on the dance floor and actually tying the bustle so I could continue dancing. I’m still amazed that was possible.

Thank you for deleting that photo where I looked extra drunk.

Thank you for offering your dog as a ring bearer…and thank you for then not actually having your dog be the ring bearer. (In hindsight, it probably wasn’t a genius plan after all.)

Thank you for taking the balloons home afterwards for your action the next day! I’m glad they could be useful! Also, I wouldn’t know what to do with 40 white balloons in my apartment.


Thank you, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU… Again, these are just the beginning. I am so thankful for the whole world! I love you, Boston. I love you, community. I love you, queahs! I love you, family.

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