So, I understand that when you go to an ATM, the mirror above the keypad serves as a safety feature.  After all, you need to see who may be behind you…I get that.  However, I am not sure why they have the same type of mirror above the refrigerated produce in the supermarket.  Seriously, what is the point of that?  Should I be afraid that someone is going to rip off my red peppers?  Do creepy and disturbing people have an affinity for fresh produce as opposed to the cheese or frozen waffles, which don’t have any mirrors in their sections?  I just don’t get it.  Should I surreptitiously be looking up to see who’s behind me while I bag my broccoli?  Probably not, but I admit that my produce paranoia did get the best of me as I stole a glance while bagging some cucumbers.  I didn’t see any vegetable molesters, though I’m surprised that the produce police didn’t issue a warrant for my threatening looking hair, which frankly was looking rather scary that day. Let’s just say that 95-degree weather and wavy hair produce one heck of a frightening coif.  

 No worries though.  I completed my grocery run without any commotion, nor did I scare anyone, but I did get a few stares.  I must admit that while summer wreaks havoc on my hair, I really don’t mind because I love summer.  Therefore, I have created a top ten list of my favorite things regarding this very short and fleeting season.

Top Ten Things I Love About Summer

  1. I don’t consider my annual OB/GYN appointment a spa day, because I can actually go to a real spa and put my feet up.
  2. Happy tired children means earlier bedtimes without complaint.
  3. My husband and I are in harmony regarding the indoor thermostat.
  4. I don’t feel compelled to bake, which equals a 2-3 lbs weight loss for me.
  5. No need for gloves, scarf, hat, or inhibiting layers of clothes.
  6. No one bugs me for money.
  7. No carpooling or rushing off to a million different activities.
  8. I am not chained to the blow-dryer…though the result isn’t pretty.
  9. Strep, viruses, ear infections, and other assorted illnesses take a back seat.
  10. I get to catch up with re-runs of episodes I never got to watch because someone was throwing up, having a meltdown, or needed patches ironed onto their girl scout vest (okay… glue gunned , don’t judge me).

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