America awaits good news. People expect to receive federal unemployment benefits in the coming days as a result of an executive order for relief from COVID-19’s economic impacts. In addition, new experimental treatments to get a grip on the pandemic promise to bear fruit soon, and billions are invested in the ongoing race to find a vaccine against the coronavirus. Despite these efforts, the only solution capable of brightening up and sharpening the blurry image of the future is fixing our human relations. Why? It is so because only there at the root can the problem be tackled for good.

The path to healing begins with an accurate diagnosis. It is no coincidence that as soon as humanity barely recovers from a particular catastrophe, a new blow arises. This indicates that the previous treatment failed to address the underlying cause of the troubles, thus they continue to reappear in new forms.

Therefore, focusing on finding band-aid solutions to the pandemic and its consequences will never be lastingly effective. A complete cure for this global problem requires a fundamental change in our social relations since that is the triggering force for all that unfolds in reality. We live within the system of nature, which is a great force field where everything is connected: inanimate, vegetative, animate and human levels. The more developed a creature is, the more powerful its impact on the entire system.

Our attitudes, thoughts and desires toward others are at the highest and most potent level in nature. So if these elements are directed correctly, they will radiate favorably on all the levels of nature below the human level. In other words, the things we want and think of—especially in relation to our surrounding environment—create the most powerful impact within the network of the forces of nature.

Whether consciously or not, we constantly measure ourselves against those around us. The more we consider ourselves to be on a higher status, smarter and more successful compared to others, the more comfortable we feel. At the same time, a greater separation is perceived between ourselves and others that results in making little effort to be considerate of others. This is what we refer to as the egoistic, selfish relations that create imbalance in nature, which returns in a boomerang effect upon us, making us weak, vulnerable and unhealthy.

The coronavirus continues to advance us to a new level of connection in which we function “as one man with one heart,” forming a complete image of reality as if billions of pixels have connected with no division between them. Such an image will be crystal clear to each and every one if we only hold on to each other tightly, if we support each other to the point that we would never cause harm or take advantage of others in any way but only do good to everyone.

Of course, such aspirations toward perfect harmony with others do not come naturally. It is not in anyone’s power to change the egocentric operating mechanism inherent from birth. All that is required from each of us is just a readiness for that change to take place. And when there is a deep understanding that good human relations are indispensable for survival in the 21st century, we will discover an upwelling of sublime qualities of loving and giving, and the world will change from end to end. Instead of scrambling to survive after each and every beating, we will experience lasting positive outcomes.

Change must begin within each of us, in our thoughts, because they are the most powerful force in creation. If we make efforts to do this together, we will feel how deeply we are connected in one system—spiritually, mentally, internally—and instead of viruses and hardships, we will be filled with the perception of life on a higher level, the perfect picture of reality.

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