The phone rang today at 5:05 with a name I didn’t recognize on the caller ID.

Me: “Shalom, Kesher.  This is Dan.”

Caller: “I have a crazy question for you.”

What an introduction! It had already been a somewhat crazy Monday, with me beginning the morning by locking my keys and phone in the car at Target and being stuck in the parking lot for 90 minutes.  It continued with a teacher being out sick and two crying first graders at drop off… I was ready for anything.

What was the crazy question?  The caller wanted to secretly drop off a shofar at Kesher so her granddaughter could learn how to blow it, and she wanted to do so without her daughter (the grandchild’s mother) knowing.

That’s the kind of craziness I can get used to- intergenerational shofar intrigue with a hint of rebelliousness and circumventing the granddaughter’s parents in the process?  Delightful.


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