I looked down at my black pants. I had spilled yellow paint, definitely ruining my clothing. Although frustrated, I knew my clothes had been ruined for a good cause.

I am privileged to be involved in the work of Combined Jewish Philanthropies (CJP) on Campus, which provides many opportunities for college students to come together and make the world a better place. As a student at Brandeis University, our student body has a strong involvement in CJP’s inter-campus programming, where we are able to meet other Jewish students in the Boston area.

(Courtesy photo)

I recently participated in Campus Cares Service Day, bringing together 100 students across the city to engage in the Jewish value of tikkun olam. Together, we volunteered to help out the East Boston immigrant community. We repainted a new space at an elementary school, which will be used to provide free supplies for students’ families. I had met some of the other participants at previous CJP events, and it was awesome to see so many college students from different universities wake up early on a Sunday morning to volunteer. The early hour didn’t matter as we were all working together, listening to music and painting. After we finished our work, the space turned from a cold room into a warm and inviting one. I know the area will have a strong positive impact on our community.

Yes, I’ll admit, it was my first time using a paint roller and I shouldn’t have worn nice pants, but every time I see the yellow paint on them, I will always remember that day. I’m thankful for joining CJP’s campus programming over my four years at Brandeis and strengthening my commitment to tikkun olam.

(Courtesy photo)

Jamie Jason, Brandeis University ’20, is a Spanish major active with Alpha Epsilon Pi, the Brandeis Orientation team and Club Volleyball.  He interned at OneDay Social Volunteering in Tel Aviv as part of CJP’s Boston Onward Israel professional internship program.