The Best Shabbat Songs and Prayers for Home Celebrations

Welcome to our collection of Shabbat music, curated for your listening and viewing pleasure by New Center NOW and the Boston Jewish Music Festival. Below you’ll find an assortment of prayers, kids’ music, cantorial music and more, all to help you celebrate Shabbat at home. (Click here for our easy-to-follow guide to the blessings and rituals of Friday night.) You can listen to and watch many of these online through the links we’ve included, while others will require you to download or purchase them. We hope this helps bring spirit to your celebrations!

Traditional Shabbat Songs and Prayers

  • “Adon Olam” by Cantor Jeff Klepper: YouTube or buy
  • “Adon Olam” by Micha Gamerman: YouTube
  • “Adon Olam” by Neshama Carlebach: Buy
  • “Adon Olam” by Sarit Hadad: Buy
  • “Adon Olam” by Shlomo Gronich and the Sheba Choir: YouTube
  • “Adon Olam” by Yosef Karduner: YouTube
  • “Ein Keloheinu (Ladino Version)” by Cantor Stephen Texon: YouTube
  • “Ein Keloheinu” by Moshav: YouTube
  • “Eshet Chayil” by Asaph Neve Shalom: YouTube
  • “Hamavdil” by Cantor Yossele Rosenblatt: YouTube
  • “I Want It That Way/Adon Olam” by ShireiNU A Cappella: YouTube
  • “Lecha Dodi” by Shlomo Gronich with Beit Tefilah Israeli: YouTube
  • “Lecha Dodi” by the Maccabeats: YouTube
  • “Mi Shebeirach” by Debbie Friedman: YouTube
  • “Oseh Shalom” by Debbie Friedman: MySpace or YouTube
  • “Shema” by Yaakov Lemmer: YouTube
  • “Sim Shalom” by Cantor Nancy Linder: YouTube
  • “Sim Shalom” by Julie Silver: YouTube or buy
  • “Sim Shalom” by The Neimah Singers: YouTube
  • “Sim Shalom” by William and Mary Women’s Chorus: YouTube

Shabbat Songs and Compilation Albums

  • “Abayudaya: Music from the Jewish People of Uganda” by Smithsonian Folkways Recordings: Buy
  • “All-Star Shabbos Melodies” by The Shabbos Project: Free download
  • “Amazing Songs For Amazing Jewish Kids” by Judy Caplan Ginsburgh: Buy
  • “And You Shall Be A Blessing” by Debbie Friedman: Buy
  • “Celebrate Shabbat (Various Artists)” by Sweet Louise Music: Buy
  • “Emunah: Jewish Songs of Life, Love and Hope” by Mama Doni Band: Buy
  • “Friday Night Live” by Craig Taubman: Buy
  • “Jewish Blues Vol. III: T’filah!” by Saul Kaye: Buy
  • “Kabbalat Shabbat” by Saul Kaye: Buy
  • “Kol HaShabbat” by Dan Nichols and Eighteen: Buy
  • “One Shabbat Morning” by Craig Taubman: Buy
  • “Shabbat Alive!” by Rick Recht: Buy
  • “Shabbat Shaboom! Mama Doni’s Challah Day Celebration for the Whole Family” by Mama Doni Band: Buy
  • “Shabbat Shalom Blessings” by Debbie Friedman: Buy
  • “Shabbat Shalom! Jewish Children’s Songs for Sabbath at Home (Various Artists)” by Transcontinental Music Publications: Buy
  • “ShirLaLa Shabbat!” by Shira Kline: Buy
  • “Simply Shabbat” by Rick Recht: Buy
  • “Sing Unto God” by Debbie Friedman: Buy
  • “The Acoustic Jewish Holiday Collection” by Mama Doni Band: Buy
  • “The Left Side of the Page: Siddur Mishkan T’filah in Song” by Noah Aronson: Buy
  • “The Shabbat Lounge” by Craig Taubman: Buy

Let us know your family’s favorites by posting in the comments section below!