In early March, JewishBoston sat down with local Holocaust survivor Israel “Izzy” Arbeiter to record both a video and an episode of The Vibe of the Tribe podcast. Released on Izzy’s 95th birthday and the 75th anniversary of his liberation, this video of Izzy sharing his story is complete with archival film footage and photographs chronicling the rise of Nazi Germany and the horrors millions of people endured.

Izzy discusses how he became a slave to the Nazis at the age of 14, and how after being liberated he—with the help of a U.S. military officer—tried to find his family and the woman who saved his life. We hope Izzy’s story of survival, loss, love, resiliency and strength moves you the way it moved us.

Viewer discretion is advised.

Edited by Tyler M. Andrews, with music performed by Josh Friedman.


We would also like to help Izzy solve a 75-year-old mystery—the identity of a U.S. Army major or colonel stationed in Stuttgart, Germany, immediately after the war. This officer, who was Jewish, obtained papers from Gen. Eisenhower that allowed Izzy free passage and shelter to find his now-wife, Anna, and his brother Aaron. He has always wanted to thank the officer—whose name he never asked for—and we want to try to help connect him with this man or his relatives. If you have any information, please email

Listen to our podcast and Q&A with Izzy here.