Recently several friends have noted to me how remarkably calm Suzie and I are, considering how our wedding is a week away. “What’s your secret?” they ask, “How do you do it?”

Well, I’ll tell you. The secret to our sweet and calm wedding planning demeanor lies in the fact that Suzie and I are wedding ninjas.

Suzie works two jobs and goes to school 40 hours a week. Is that difficult? Psh. Only if you’re not a ninja.

It’s finals and I’m up to my neck in grading. But grading is super easy when you use ninja stars instead of red pen.

Suzie is such a ninja, she does homework when we’re at the gym… until she gets bored and switches to watching crime drama instead. But still. She needs to hone her bullet dodging skills. (We’re working up to catching bullets with our teeth. That’s why we go to the gym.)

End of semester statistics for the tutoring program I supervise? I do spreadsheets like a ninja. Ninjas get bored sometimes too.

What words should we use when the traditional Hebrew blessings for a married couple say “bride and groom”? We’ll just say “ninja and ninja.” Duh. That was an easy decision.

And when our relatives call and have tons and tons of questions about who’s getting to where at what time and how? We just do a backflip and land on the ceiling, and all of a sudden, the relatives hang up and the problem is solved! Ninja skills save the day, yet again.

…yeah, there is no secret. Wedding planning is complicated and involves a lot of keeping track of details. We just do what we have to do, like nice normal people. Who happen to wear a lot of black.

Lag B Blog, day 26!

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