Thirty-seven years ago, the world’s greatest—and arguably least ethical—archaeologist of all time was introduced to filmgoers. “Raiders of the Lost Ark,” about a fast-talking, artifact-stealing, bring-a-gun-to-a-sword-fight adventurer, opened to rave reviews. Described as “the perfect adventure” and an “out-of-body experience of glorious imagination,” the film was nominated for no less than nine Academy Awards, winning five.

Dan and Miriam were joined in June—on the 37th anniversary of the film’s 1981 premiere—by special guest and severe snake phobist Ashley to explore this face-melting adventure of snakes, Nazis, more snakes, legless lizards masquerading as snakes, and dangerous Jewish artifacts. (Trigger warning: This podcast contains explicit descriptions of snake-on-snake violence.)

Podcast cohost Miriam Anzovin and her father and brother all dressed as Indiana Jones for Purim circa 1993 (Courtesy Miriam Anzovin)

Edited by Jesse Ulrich, with music by Shawn Fogel.

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