Hanukkah is the most badass Jewish holiday this side of Purim. During Hanukkah, the Festival of Lights, Jews recount the tale of Judah Maccabee, the warrior priest who led a successful rebellion against King Antiochus of the Syrian-Greek empire. Waves of troops attempted to put down Judah and his army, but their fighting spirit and faith in the Jewish people were so strong that the Maccabees liberated Jerusalem and the Temple from the forces of Antiochus in 164 BCE, ushering in a period of Jewish independence in Judea.

This special episode features eight stories, as told by Miriam and Dan. Each story features one of our favorite Jewish warriors, from ancient to modern times, from the Middle East to the Caribbean. Get ready for some inspiration, perspiration and ass-kicking celebration!

Edited by Jesse Ulrich, with music by Ryan J. Sullivan.