A couple of weeks ago, we asked you to take stock and reflect in honor of Yom Kippur using our handy confession box. What could you do better next year? What do you regret? How might you improve your quality of life, your relationships or your well-being?


We collected the anonymous submissions with the intent of posting them before Rosh Hashanah. We hoped to provide a safe, confidential outlet for readers to reframe their expectations and goals for the year ahead.

Here’s what you said. Thanks for your candor.


“I’ve not been patient enough with my husband, who has dementia. I need to do better in the coming year.”

Interpersonal relations

“I want to become a better listener. Also, I sometimes cut people off when they’re talking, so I want to be more patient in conversations.”

“Two friends have had it with me. I try to be helpful and supportive but often give advice. I want to try to be more of a listener, present with nary a shred of advice. As a nurse, I am bred for practicality, but I need to stop and just be present.”

“I want to continue to be closer with my best friend, who lives on the West Coast.”

Emotional impulses

“I would like not to judge and overreact to others and situations. To trust and thank myself. To accept what is and not compare.”

Full-on catharsis

“I have littered too much. I have yelled at my wife and kids without provocation. …I have eaten too much and not lost the weight I should have. I am not continuing to lose the weight I should and making myself a better person. I do not care enough about people less fortunate than I. I am not caring about natural disasters or manmade ones that do not affect me. …I have stopped being involved in my Jewish community.”

And, if you still have a confession, remember, it’s not too late…and it’s anonymous.