Can our “jobless recovery” be a silver lining for some?  Katie Johnston Chase reported in the Boston Globe recently that some Massachusetts residents are turning their unemployment challenge into an opportunity by finding the career of their dreams, or starting their own business. 

We have certainly seen our share of such stories at JVS.  Whether it’s the Career Moves client who shifted from private industry into a non-profit career, or the student of the JVS-CJP-Babson entrepreneurship program who recently launched a new home health care business, many JVS clients have been able to leverage their transferable skills into new career or business opportunities.  JVS instructors and counselors help their clients move beyond their previous careers, when it is clear that those jobs are not coming back, and use their talents and skills in new ways. 


That said, for every example of turning adversity into opportunity, there are many others who have been forced to accept employment at reduced salaries, reduced hours, and lower levels of responsibility.  This recession has forced many long-term unemployed to step backwards in their careers, and many others wishing they were even that lucky.  And, unlike in past recessions, when thousands left Massachusetts for greener pastures, we have actually experienced less job loss than most other regions.  So, we will continue to help our clients leverage their talents into new, and perhaps even greater opportunities whenever possible, help others survive, and continue to look forward to a true economic recovery.  

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