Why do you do what you do? Say what you want. Find what others want. Use your head. Use your values. Get to work. It’s not too late.

Go to the library. Learn everything that matters. Your opinion is not fact. What you’ve been doing hasn’t been working. Scrunch up your old ideas into a ball. Check off a list of what you’re going to change.

Reach out. Band together with a small group. Include people who are different from you, who challenge you, who make you uncomfortable. Work with extraordinary people. This is how you become extraordinary.

You can only do one thing right now. What is it? Think for a minute. Keep it simple. Be flexible.

What will success look like? What will failure look like? See the ways it can tip. All your seconds, minutes and hours matter now.

Build a scaffolding so you can scale that wall. Make structure to hold your weight.

There is a collective opinion, a group consensus forming. Shut up. Have compassion. Let the brainstorm have space to breathe. Help ideas grow. Listen to feedback.

Relax. Where are you? Who is helping you? Sleep on it. Wake up. Be present. The answer was here all the time.

Cut out what does not serve. Name the wrong ideas. Take only one path. Find the right way.

Do good. Do your best. Exceed even that. Do not settle. Strive. Up to this point, your efforts have not achieved greatness. You played a role in what happened. You have a track record. Your past dies now. Your future is born now.

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