It’s the season for Israeli TV on Netflix, so we couldn’t pass over the latest offering—“When Heroes Fly.” Sure, it’s no “Fauda,” but nothing will be, except, we hope, Season 3 of “Fauda.” Instead, it’s a deliberately paced rescue mission deep in the Colombian jungle as four emotionally damaged, battle-scarred and perpetually sweaty Israeli men try to find a woman presumed dead in a car crash.

Join Miriam, Dan and Kali as they offer their takes on “When Heroes Fly,” debate its merits and flaws, discuss the importance of group therapy, contemplate what drives people to join inexplicable drug cults (and where they get their cult attire), wonder about the wisdom of nicknaming your Jewish friend “Himmler” (yes, after that Himmler…), evaluate battlefield ethics and emphasize how vital it is to designate a portion of any TV production budget toward quality hair extensions.

Please note that this episode contains spoilers and adult language.

Edited by Jesse Ulrich, with music by Ryan J. Sullivan.


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